Burnley woman to appear on TV’s ‘Come Dine With Me’

A YOUNG Burnley businesswoman is to cook up a storm when she appears on the hit TV show “Come Dine With Me’’.

Talented Jenna Tattersall was chosen to appear on the show, where ordinary people take turns to host a dinner party for four other guests to win a £1,000 cash prize.

But you will have to watch the show, on Channel Four on Monday, January 16th, at 5-30 p.m. and running for five nights, to find out how she fared.

Jenna, of Lingmoor Drive, said: “The other people were from Blackburn and one was from Whalley. They tried to create some arguments between us because of the rivalry of the Clarets and Rovers but as none of us were really interested in football it didn’t really work.

“Some of the other people were quite loud and opinionated in front of the cameras but I hope I come across as being able to hold my corner.


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“They filmed for 19 hours so it was exhausting and I feel a bit nervous about how it may be edited.’’

The other contestants had to guess what Jenna’s job was and none of them hit the right answer.

At just 27 she runs her own company, First European Logistics, now in its third year of trading. Based on Empire Business Park in Liverpool Road, Burnley, Jenna won the Best Start Up Category in Burnley Business Awards. Not bad for someone who left school at 16 with hardly any qualifications.

Jenna, who lives with her boyfriend, Aaron Bancroft, who makes horticultural sensors, said: “I only got a couple of GCSEs and went straight into sales which I discovered I enjoyed. It was while working for a logistics company that I decided to go it alone. One of my customers offered to be a backer and since then the business has flourished and he acts as a silent partner.


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“I think the makers of ‘Come Dine With Me’ wanted to show a young girl from a place like Burnley without any qualifications as such can achieve success in business. But I also wanted to show the fun side of myself as I like parties and going out, so I had a bouncy castle in the garden for my entertainment on the show!’’

Jenna is a dab hand in the kitchen too, creating stuffed courgettes for starters with seabass with garlic potatoes for mains and a dessert of white chocolate and raspberry mousse.

She added: “I have lived on my own since I was 18 so I am used to cooking. I just came up with the meal myself because I thought it sounded posh!’’