Burnley video producer wins Xbox One competition

An up-and-coming Burnley video producer is in gaming heaven after his editing skills won him an Xbox One.

Tom Ryan-Smith (22) was one of 20 winners from a Microsoft competition where entrants had to film a one minute video about any Xbox game.

Tom Ryan-Smith who has won an Xbox One in a video production competition.'Photo Ben Parsons

Tom Ryan-Smith who has won an Xbox One in a video production competition.'Photo Ben Parsons

The former Hameldon and Thomas Whitham Sixth Form student, who also won 15 launch titles, based his video on Halo and could not believe it when he found out he had won.

“It was quite scary actually. I was at work and there were a few of us who had entered the competition in a forum and Microsoft had released a video before notifying the winners. The resolution on the video was poor but I thought I could see one of the frames from my film in it. There was a list of winners at the end of the video as well and as I was squinting to see if my name was there the video went to HD and I could see it. I got an email 10 minutes later saying I had won. It was really cool.”

Tom, who lives in Wellfield Drive, graduated from UCLan in film production, media production and technology and is currently working as an assistant video editor and assistant camera operator at Creative Talent in Hapton.

His video is currently being hosted on Microsoft’s Xbox site and there is also a video announcement on every official Xbox YouTube channel revealing the winners.

“I’ve been working here for just over a month. It’s really good. I’m lucky to have got a job in what I did my degree in. I’m working on corporate videos at the moment but hopefully one day I’ll be working on more original videos, maybe involved in gaming. I have blog site at the moment called www.gamer-uk.co.uk and hopefully I’ll be able to get some video on that at some point. I‘m planning to make more of the micro Halo videos with a full voice cast and actors which can be seen here http://www.facebook.com/MicroHalo