Burnley teenager launches anti-bullying campaign

Becky Keegan (15) who wants to raise awareness of bullying and to encouarge victims to talk about it and get help.
Becky Keegan (15) who wants to raise awareness of bullying and to encouarge victims to talk about it and get help.
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A brave teenage girl, who has been the victim of bullying nearly all her short life, is set to launch a campaign to stamp it out.

Becky Keegan (15) wants to reach out to other young people across Burnley and Padiham who may be suffering in silence at the hands of bullies.

“You always think you are on your own and nothing like this can be happening to anyone else but I have discovered it is happening to a lot of people but they just don’t talk about it,’’ said Becky.

Becky, a Year 11 student who is preparing to take her GCSEs this summer, wants to encourage young people who are being bullied to talk to someone about it _ a parent, a teacher, or another adult who they trust, so the issue can be dealt with. Becky and her pals have even come up with their own slogan PAST, Put A Stop to Bullying. They have even designed a slogan for PAST.

Becky said: “The more it is out in the open then people won’t be as afraid to speak about it I hope.’’

The bullying started for Becky when she was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, a condition that affects co-ordination, speech and movement. She was only nine years old yet constantly taunted and called names for “being different’’ and for the way she spoke. She is still affected by it but has tried not to let it get her down. Indeed, she is a bright, confident and articulate young woman who would described herself a bit of a tomboy!

Using social media, Becky set up two facebook pages designed for people to talk about their experiences of bullying and get help and advice. But they never really took off the ground. It was Becky who persuaded the charity BeatBullying to go into her school, Shuttleworth College, Padiham, and train several students as bullying mentors. But the charity has since shut down due to lack of finance.

Becky, who lives in Hapton with her mum, Catherine and sister Kirsty, was determined to carry on the good work that was started and she has the support of her friends and family.

She even has her own blog where she talks about her life and things that have happened to her aswell as her dreams to be a video game designer.