Burnley tattoo artists in world record attempt

A trio of Burnley tattoo artists have played their part in an ink-credible world record attempt.

Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 7:22 pm
Darren Lovell, Elliot Maxwell and Simon Dewar with HRM The King of Inkland

Darren Lovell, of Inkys tattoo and body piercing studio in Standish Street, and Elliot Maxwell and Simon Dewar from Acherontia in Hall Street, were three of 36 artists to simultaneously tattoo one man.

They put their mark on Matthew Whelan from Birmingham, who now claims to have set a new world record for the number of tattoos being drawn on his body at any one time.

Darren said: “It was good fun and quite exhilirating being part of a world record attempt.

“We are members of The Needle Gangsters, a professional tattoo artists association. We all took part in the challenge which was held at Derby County’s football ground.

“Every artists tattooed a number from one to 36, I was number seven.”

Matthew, who has legally changed his name to “HRM The King of Inkland”, has spent more than £30,000 on covering his body in tattoos.

And Darren (54) has quite a few of his own.

He added: “I had my first tattoo when I was 13, which isn’t really allowed, but my love has grown from there.

“I’m covered from head to toe, but I don’t know how many I’ve got, certainly not as many as Matthew.”

Darren, originally from Cambridge, has been in Burnley four years, but involved in the trade for more than 30 years.