Burnley primary school visited by Millie's Trust for first aid workshop

Reedley Primary School
Reedley Primary School

A Burnley primary school has been learning about first aid having had a visit from the charity Millie's Trust.

Yesterday, Joanne and Daniel Thompson - founders of the charity - travelled to Reedley Primary School to teach 60 Year 6 students about the importance of first aid, covering topics such as CPR, AEDs, how to phone for help, and first aid kits. The couple set up the charity after their own daughter died after choking, so the cause is very close to their hearts.

With Joanne delivering the training, children practised their CPR skills on the different sized dummies and even had a chance to use a model AED on a dummy. They also created information leaflets about basic first aid skills.

"I think this was a very beneficial experience and will prepare us all for the future," said 10-year-old Muhammad, while Eshaal, 11, added: "I learnt how to possibly save somebody's life who was in danger when there is no one else to help."