Burnley post backlog as Royal Mail modernisation gets underway

DISGRUNTLED customers have slammed the Royal Mail over claims a “mountain of mail” was piling up in Burnley.

Hundreds of parcels are believed to be part of a big backlog at the sorting office in Bank Parade.

Customers have reported waiting up to two weeks for parcels and some not receiving any post for several days in some parts of Burnley.

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Problems first came to light last month after rumours surfaced of an unofficial strike by some staff in Burnley.

Royal Mail officials denied there had been any industrial action at the sorting office and said that deliveries were being made.

An official statement admitted there had been disruptions to the service in parts of Burnley but blamed the problems on high levels of staff shortages. Bosses said the Royal Mail had worked to ensure a high level of service was restored.

But a month on and customers in the town are still reporting problems with the postal service.

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One woman from near Rosegrove, who did not want to be named, said: “I have been waiting for over two weeks for a parcel and have been in discussions with the sender that I have never received the item. I have been desperately waiting for this parcel – it is very important.”

She went to the sorting office in Bank Parade to complain last week and was told there was a big backlog of parcels.

“I was explaining about my parcel that had not been received and before I could finish I was asked if I lived in BB12 area.

“The man went on to explain that they had a mountain of packages and parcels for the BB12 area and could not tell me when they may be delivered. “All I got was shrugged shoulders. I appreciate it may not be the workers’ fault and I am fully aware the Royal Mail have undergone a restructure or streamlining process but this appears to have gone to the extreme and the streamlining has caused the public to suffer.”

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Another Royal Mail customer, from Burnley, lodged a complaint last month over problems with the postal service.

He said: “I get a lot of mail so I noticed straight away when I didn’t get any post. We had not had any for days.

“I was going to go to the sorting office to demand my post. The service is absolutely diabolical for collecting parcels.

Royal Mail spokesman Val Bodden explained that new delivery methods have recently been introduced in Burnley as part of Royal Mail’s £2bn. investment to modernise the business.

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She said: “This is one of the biggest transformations being undertaken in UK industry and is essential in enabling us to respond to a changing mailbag, as we deliver fewer letters but more packets and parcels for our customers.

“When any such major change is implemented, some disruption is possible whilst these changes bed in. We sincerely apologise if any customers have encountered any difficulties with mail deliveries whilst these changes are being introduced.

“We are putting measures in place to minimise any disruption and to enable us to deliver the high quality of service customers expect and deserve.”

She urge any customer who has a query about our service to call Royal Mail customer services on 08457 740 740.”

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