Burnley Police ‘claim your lost cannabis’ tweet goes viral

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Burnley Police’s official Twitter page showed its funny side after offering to return a lost “huge amount of cannabis” with its owner.

The comedy tweet said a large haul of the drug had been found and was waiting to be “collected” at the police station in Parker Lane.

The official Burnley Police account wrote: “Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Burnley area? Don’t panic, we found it! Pop in to the station to collect it. We’re waiting.”

The jokey social media message soon went viral and was retweeted nearly 1,500 times across the country on Twitter.

It was soon followed up by another uncharacteristically funny tweet from the account which read: “Special Offer. Free overnight accommodation, in walking distance of local shops and each room has a nice selection of bars. Any takers?”

Burnley Police’s new-found funny side saw its Twitter account followers double in the space of a few hours.

The Police Inspectors Central Committee’s official account tweeted: “Burnley Police’s Twitter account suddenly became hilarious this morning.”

Insp. Phil Hutchinson, of Burnley Police, welcomed the boost in followers to help spread police appeals and messages across Twitter.

He said: “Social media is a fantastic way for us to communicate with the community. It is a relatively new thing for us at Burnley.

“Whilst some of the messages are humorous, we do send out very important messages and appeals about incidents and people missing from home.

“The help of our followers means we can spread the word more quickly as we have found with some of our viral tweets so we will keep engaging the community.”