Burnley pensioner’s lucky house blaze escape

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A pensioner was saved from a fire which broke out in the kitchen of her home.

A special smoke alarm linked up to Burnley Fire Station has alerted fire crews to the blaze at 9pm on Sunday and they arrived at the property in minutes.

Firefighters were forced to break into the house and found the disabled woman laid in bed.

Luckily the woman had shut her bedroom door earlier which meant she largely escaped the cloud of smoke from the burning tea towel.

One firefighter sat with the woman for reassurance while colleagues put out the fire and ventilated the property.

Paramedics checked the woman for smoke inhalation but she did not need treatment.

Watch manager Neil Ashworth, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “We suspected someone was inside so we forced entry to the property. We found the lady in bed. Fortunately her bedroom door was shut.

“We tackled the fire with a hose reel. It had started after a tea towel had been left on the hob and it had caught fire and was giving off acrid smoke.

“The property was smoke-logged, but paramedics checked the lady over and she was OK.

“We would advise people to ensure that they keep your doors shut when you go to bed.”