Burnley parks “closed” due to adverse weather conditions

Towneley Park Woodlands will be shut. Photo: Phil Glover
Towneley Park Woodlands will be shut. Photo: Phil Glover
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Members of the public are being advised to stay away from a number of parks and woodlands across Burnley this afternoon due to the adverse weather conditions.

Burnley Council has taken the decision to “close” several public areas for safety reasons with exceptionally strong winds forecast for the north west of England. The council is acting in the face of a red weather warning being issued by the Met Office.

The areas affected are:

Towneley Park woodlands

Memorial Park, Padiham

Rowley (Brun Valley Forest Park)

Grove Lane, Ightenhill

Fiery Wood, Padiham

Queen’s Park

Thompson Park

Scott Park

Ightenhill Park

Signs advising people to stay away from these areas are being put up by council staff. The advice will come into effect from lunchtime until the end of today.

Simon Goff, the council’s head of greenspaces and amenities, said: “Given the forecast of extreme weather we’ve taken the decision, for the safety of the public, to advise people to stay away from these woodland areas for the rest of today.

“Our message to people is to use their common sense, stay safe and if they have to go out, to walk their dog for instance, to stay away from trees and other objects that may cause a danger in the high winds.

“We usually encourage people to enjoy our beautiful parks and woods. This afternoon the advice is to find an alternative.”