Burnley Oscar winner proud to make New Year’s Honours list

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An Oscar winning Burnley engineer and businessman said he feels “honoured and very privileged” to be awarded an OBE in this year’s New Year’s Honours list.

Mark Crabtree, founder and managing director of Burnley based world-renowned sound engineering company AMS Neve, whose products are in the most famous and prestigious studios across the globe.

In recent years the vast majority of Oscar-winning films have been recorded and/or mixed using the products Mark created, transforming the sound of film and resulting in Mark receiving a second personal Oscar in 2000.

News of the OBE came as a shock though admitted Mark. “It is a really heart-warming feeling to realise that your home country has decided that you are doing something really worthwhile and worthy of respect. I feel very privileged and grateful to be honoured in this way.”

This latest honour came hot on the heels of another industry award explained Mark. “I returned from a trip to London having just been made a Fellow of the UK’s leading Audio Society by Sir George Martin, and to be quite honest still glowing a little, to find the letter waiting for me. I had to read it three times before it sunk in that I was being recommended for an OBE.”

Mark first established Advanced Music Systems in 1976, early customers included Paul McCartney, EMI and Strawberry Studios. He then went on to design the world’s first microprocessor controlled effects units to produce delay, reverberation, looping, sampling and harmonising effects, all of which were used to add richness to a huge swathe of successful recorded music in the 1980s.