Burnley neighbour from hell gets ASBO

Rebecca Proctor
Rebecca Proctor

A drunken woman who plagued a Burnley neighbourhood has been slapped with an ASBO.

Rebecca Proctor (28), of Athletic Street, brought misery to residents with noise and loutish behaviour.

Proctor repeatedly caused noise nuisance and late-night drunk and disorderly behaviour at an address in Fraser Street.

But she was given a two-year anti-social behaviour order at Reedley Magistrates’ Court.

Police secured the order with Burnley Borough Council which prohibits Proctor from entering parts of Queensgate including the Briercliffe Shopping Centre, to stop her visiting the address and causing further distress to neighbours.

PCSO Natalie Whittaker said the ASBO would help end the nightmare for residents.

Speaking after the order was granted, she said: “This is an excellent result for local residents who were being kept up until all hours because of noise and excessive drinking by Rebecca Proctor.

“They had really had enough and I hope that this result will enable them to sleep without disruption.

“I hope this sends out a clear message that police and other agencies will not tolerate this type of behaviour and will take firm action against those involved in anti-social behaviour.”

To report a breach of ASBOs or any anti-social behaviour acts, call police on 101.