Burnley mum a step nearer to ‘Millie’s Law’

Joanne and Dan Thompson of Millie's Trust
Joanne and Dan Thompson of Millie's Trust
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The law could be changed to make it compulsory for every person who works in a nursery to have first aid training, thanks to a tireless campaign by an award winning mum from Burnley.

MPs have agreed to hold a National Review of the legislation after a high level parliamentary debate this week which was attended by Mrs Joanne Thompson and her husband Dan.

Joanne Thompson Woman of the Year with Lorraine Kelly

Joanne Thompson Woman of the Year with Lorraine Kelly

Joanne said: “Today has been positive for our campaign but there is still a long way to go. We knew this would not be an overnight thing.

“There were over 20 MPs at the debate and every single one of them supported the campaign which is fantastic. We would like to thank them all and also the people who wrote to their MPs in support of us and the people who signed the petition on line. We have been invited to take part in the National Review so we appeal to people to continue with their comments and support on the issue.”

The debate to bring in “Millie’s Law” was staged after Joanne and Dan collected 100,000 signatures, the figure needed for an issue to be considered by Parliament. A former pupil of Padiham Primary School and Ivy Bank High School, Burnley, Joanne founded Millie’s Trust in memory of her baby daughter who tragically choked to death at a private nursery in Cheadle Hulme in October, 2012, aged just nine months old. At the moment the legal requirement is for only one member of staff working in a nursery to be first aid trained.

The success of the Trust has been phenomenal, training 5,000 people across the UK and Ireland in first aid. Both Joanne and Dan, who are looking forward to the birth of their second child in February, now work for the Trust full time, setting up first aid courses and dealing with the hundreds of emails that flood into the office daily.

Joanne, who was was named as Lorraine Kelly’s Inspirational Woman of the Year for 2014, had a private meeting with a Government minister after the debate where she disputed his claim that guideline changes in the new Early Years Foundation Status document were the reason behind why more nurseries were training more staff.

Joanne said: “We put him straight on this and said this was rubbish and that the reason why people are training more staff is because of our campaign. And this is campaign started by a charity that has had no government funding.

“The only response we have is that things are changing in nurseries because of our campaign because parents are walking through doors requesting that more staff are trained. Not one nursery has told us they are making changes because of a government document.

“We won’t let the government take credit for these changes that we have put in motion.’’ In the New Year free first aid training courses are set to be run at Burnley Football Club in conjunction with Millie’s Trust.

The courses will be aimed at nursery staff and those who work with children.