Burnley man’s expensive jacket ruined

DAMAGE CLAIM: Mr Sajid Khan who claims his �500 jacket has been ruined by Johnsons Dry Cleaners.
DAMAGE CLAIM: Mr Sajid Khan who claims his �500 jacket has been ruined by Johnsons Dry Cleaners.

A BURNLEY man said he has been left out of pocket after claiming dry cleaners ruined a £500 jacket.

Mr Sajid Khan (35), of Duke Bar, took three jackets to Johnsons Dry Cleaners, in Church Street. While two returned in perfect condition he said that a third, a waterproof Stone Island coat costing between £400 and £500, was left full of holes and shrivelled by heat.

He said that he was not made aware of any problems when he went to collect the items and there was no note on the damaged jacket. When he returned to the store to enquire about the damage he claimed staff could not offer an explanation as to what had happened,

He said that they suggested sending the garment off for testing to investigate the cause of the damage but he refused as the jacket had been cleaned there before without any problems. Mr Khan said he has been left unable to wear the jacket .

“The jacket wasn’t in that condition when I gave it to them. It was expensive, now it’s just ready for the bin.”

But bosses at the dry cleaning firm said they wanted to subject the jacket to testing and added they would offer Mr Khan compensation if the company was found to be at fault.

A statement from Johnsons said: “On the rare occasion that a problem occurs following the cleaning of any item we initially do not use an independent testing house, as we as a company are confident that the technical reports that we provide are both fair and impartial. However, should any customer wish to dispute our report then we would always agree to abide by the findings of an independent report.

“If it is found that Johnsons have been at fault then we would pay for the cost of such a report and pay appropriate compensation for the garment, in accordance with Textile Services Association Limited Fair Compensation guidelines. To date Mr Khan has declined our offer to carry out a technical inspection and issue a report accordingly.”