Burnley man (32) found hanging from mosque railings - inquest

a 32-year-old man desperate to find a job and with money worries hanged himself from the railings at a mosque, an inquest was told.

Nicholas Robinson had told a friend of his worries but did not give any indication that he intended to take his life on the day that he died. He did not leave a note, and his dog, on which he doted, was still at his flat in Talbot Street, Burnley.

East Lancashire Coroner, Mr Richard Taylor, recorded an open verdict in Mr Robinson’s death. He said he could not be sure Mr Robinson intended to take his life.

His friend, Miss Julie Ann Nicholson, told the inquest: “He was crying out for help, but nobody reacted to that.

“He was so strong, and he always kept himself so tidy.”


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The initial inquest opened after Mr Robinson’s death in August last year was adjourned for toxicology reports. Pathologist Dr Walid Salman said Mr Robinson died from hanging. Tests confirmed Mr Robinson had taken amphetamines at a level that was possibly fatal in an intolerant individual, and that he had also had some alcohol.

Miss Nicholson told the inquest that Mr Robinson was not a habitual user of amphetamines, but that several people had them given him.

“He must have been feeling low with there being no jobs. He had not seemed himself for a couple of weeks. He used to say that he would have a job next week, but the weeks came and there was still no work and he seemed down.”

Miss Nicholson said that six weeks before his death Mr Robinson said he had considered throwing himself off a multi-storey car park, and that while they were talking he kept staring out of a window at the mosque.


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She added: “He had a court case coming up that was going to cost him compensation he couldn’t afford. I had leant him money before and I would have helped him. He said he had debts and money worries, but didn’t want to talk about it.”