Burnley homes benefiting from regeneration scheme

Scheme involves re-painting houses in Burnley
Scheme involves re-painting houses in Burnley
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A series of facelifting improvements to properties across Burnley borough is underway.

An improvement scheme has recently been completed along Accrington Road, improving the appearance of shops and houses.

Three blocks of terraced houses in Branch Road, facing the new housing development in Burnley Wood, have seen similar works undertaken, together with the backs of two blocks of terraced homes in Heap Street, Duke Bar.

The schemes involve re-painting and other improvements to the properties to improve their appearance.

Work is now underway to prepare the next scheme in the Ingham Street and Lawrence Street selective licensing area in Padiham. Residents and owners will be contacted by Burnley Council in the near future.

Councillor John Harbour, the council's executive member for housing and environment, said: “This facelifting programme is part of wider efforts by the council to improve and regenerate the borough’s housing stock.

“Even relatively small things like re-painting the outside of a block of houses and other cosmetic improvements can make a massive difference in the ‘look’ of a row of terraces which then has a positive knock-on effect on the whole neighbourhood.”