Burnley hoaxer puts lives at risk


Fire chiefs have warned malicious callers they are putting lives at risk following a series of hoax text messages.

Three crews were sent to Lee Street, Burnley, at 2-48am this morning after a message was sent to Lancashire Fire Service Control saying there was a house on fire.

Two crews from Burnley answered the call and while en-route further messages were received saying that people were trapped inside. Another engine from Nelson was then mobilised.

No fire was found on arrival.

Watch manager Steve Harrison said: “The full response to this incident was three fire engines, two police, a ambulance service rapid response vehicle and an ambulance. All of these resources were unavailable for other incidents during this time.

“Malicious calls cost lives. These fire engines may be required elsewhere in the district for critical incidents. If you know of any malicious calls being made, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.”