Burnley General Election 2019: Laura Fisk – Green Party

I am standing as a candidate in the General Election to earn the privilege to represent the people of Burnley.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 3:30 pm
Updated Monday, 9th December 2019, 3:31 pm

I know that back in 2016, 66.6% people in our town voted to leave the EU. While the Green Party believes it is better for Britain to remain in the EU, and I personally feel we are generally ‘better together’, I take the role of representative seriously and would make sure I listened carefully to what the people of Burnley want.

I work in the NHS, I know how challenging it is. I know the statistics about how the UK spends less than most other countries on its healthcare service. We need to fix this.

One way to do this is in thinking beyond the NHS - to those services that are crucial in allowing the NHS to do its job, but which are chronically and scandalously underfunded: I’m talking about Social Care.

Laura Fisk

Locally in Burnley we’re used to being radical frontrunners when it comes to industrial change.

We were front runners in the first industrial revolution. We can do the same for this next, green, industrial revolution. We’re not afraid in Burnley of being a bit radical.

And we have a lot to lose: we have the most beautiful countryside in England (even if I’m a bit biased!), and some of the best wildlife.

We need to protect it - from people who want to dig it up in the name of cheap fuel (the profits of which will not be reinvested in Burnley), from the risk of flooding, from the chaos of climate change.

Investment in green, sustainable jobs and infrastructure is the only way to protect us - and the only way to ensure the growth and development of our wonderful town can continue into the future.

* Today, the Burnley Express is publishing messages from each of the seven candidates looking to secure your support at the ballot box.