Burnley General Election 2019: Charlie Briggs – Burnley and Padiham Independent Party

I am Charlie Briggs, and I wish to set out my vision for the future of our town Burnley.

I am locally born and still reside in Burnley, I married a Burnley girl, Lynne, whom worked for many years as an auxiliary nurse at Burnley General Hospital. I am a massive Claret, I am a season ticket holder ands have been for many years. I am everyone of you, the people of Burnley, I want the best for for you, for our town.

I would work tirelessly for you to get money from whoever is in power to make the best of what we have in our town. Whoever ends up running our country, we must put our town first and not party politics. I will pursue every avenue in Westminster to gain funding for Education, Health and Police.

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At the moment, we have a number of fine schools in Burnley, but a couple of them are under threat of closure, so I would like to secure the future of these schools and the buildings they reside in.

Charlie Briggs

Burnley General Hospital has been stripped of many of its assets, which we need to slowly claw back.

This will never be a quick fix and will take years to regenerate. I’d be lobbying Westminster and the NHS to provide more facilities at Burnley General Hospital, for example a new Endoscopy unit for early diagnosis of cancer for many residents of our town.

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Mental Health is also a high priority for me, we should feel more empowered than ever to talk about our mental health and we should cherish it, but we should also support and help those that suffer.

Too many buildings in Burnley are still uninhabitable and I would be looking to add to the money secured previously as leader of the council to purchase and regenerate these properties.

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I see the consequences of anti-social behaviour all over our town and I know the Police work hard to help and protect us, better use of current finances and my determination to bring more money into the town are high priorities for me to ensure we live in a safe and pleasant place.

* Today, the Burnley Express is publishing messages from each of the seven candidates looking to secure your support at the ballot box.