Burnley fishermen save life of drowning woman

HEROES: Eddie Cooke (left) and Peter Gibson who saved the life of a woman on a Fleetwood beach
HEROES: Eddie Cooke (left) and Peter Gibson who saved the life of a woman on a Fleetwood beach

TWO hero Burnley fishermen have been praised for saving a woman’s life after she suffered a heart attack on a Fleetwood beach.

Peter Gibson (48) and Eddie Cooke (54) spotted the woman collapse into the stormy sea near Rossall on Saturday.

The quick-thinking pair dragged the lifeless woman out of the water and found she had stopped breathing.

Despite 50mph winds and the tide rapidly washing in, the pair performed emergency CPR on the 55-year-old woman before paramedics arrived.

The woman was airlifted to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital where it is believed she regained consciousness.

The heroic actions of Peter and Eddie have been praised by the Ambulance Service and the HM Coast Guard.

Peter, of Windermere Avenue, Burnley, explained how he spotted a woman kneel down and then fall into the water at Rossall Beach at 3-30pm.

He said: “We were fishing and we spotted her about 300 yards up the beach.

“But something seemed strange. The next minute she knelt down in the water and then went into the sea.

“The weather was horrendous, there were 50mph winds and rain blowing and it was very misty so it was hard to see. But the next minute we looked and she was lying down.”

Eddie, of Colne Road, Burnley, ran over to the woman and began waving his arms in panic.

Peter, who is a landscape gardener, said: “I rang the emergency services straight away. She was not breathing. I thought she was dead.

“The lady from the emergency services talked me through it. She said tilt her head back, pinch her nose and breathe for her.

“Me and my friend were both working on her. Her eyes were flickering and her mouth was moving but we didn’t know if she was responding. My thought was that it didn’t look good.”

The pair had to drag the stricken woman further up the beach as the tide was coming in fast.

“The woman on the phone said we had to do CPR so we started doing chest compressions. I have never done anything like this before We were just praying that the emergency services would come.

“The next minute the helicopter for the air ambulance turned up. The paramedics took over. It was a big shock. We just kept asking ‘is she OK’. Then it came over the radio that she was responding and had come round.”