Burnley FC has the Premier League's fourth-most affordable season ticket

Burnley Football Club has the fourth-most affordable season ticket in the Premier League based on data revealing how long it would take a local fan to earn enough money to be able to afford a season ticket at the club, new research has revealed.

A season ticket at the Turf is amongst the cheapest in the Premier League
A season ticket at the Turf is amongst the cheapest in the Premier League

The survey, carried out by Ticketgum.com, calculated how long residents in each of the 20 Premier League towns and cities would have to work in order to be able to afford the cheapest single-adult season ticket, based on the average weekly wage for the area.

With West Ham United boasting the most affordable season ticket in the league for local supporters, who would have to work just 19 hours and 33 minutes to be able to raise the funds for the pleasure of a campaign at the London Stadium, Burnley ranked fourth, with the Turf Moor faithful having to work 27 hours and 31 minutes to secure their spot watching Sean Dyche's side.

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Liverpool suffers the ignominy of offering the least-affordable season ticket for local supporters, who would have to work an astoundingly purse-dredging 48 hours and 18 minutes for a season ticket at Anfield - the equivalent of over six full nine-to-five days of work.

Despite having the most eye-bulging season ticket prices in the division with the cheapest offering coming in at a flabbergasting £891.00, the much-maligned Arsenal season ticket holders can content themselves in the knowledge that they have the 16th-most affordable ticket in the Premier League, with Islington residents having to work 40 hours and 3 minutes to get through the turnstiles at the Emirates Stadium.

"This research is certainly fascinating," said a spokesperson for TicketGum.com. "Whilst the focus always tends to be on who offers the cheapest and most expensive season tickets in the Premier League based on just the price, this research provides a more insightful approach.

"Taking into account the respective areas average weekly wages provides a better and truer indication of how affordable the season tickets really are for local supporters," the comment continued.

With exorbitant ticket prices frequently drawing the ire of many a football fan, the lack of affordability when it comes to season tickets is plain to see, with 65% of Premier League teams - 13 out of the 20 teams - requiring local fans to work more than 30 hours for the pleasure of the club's best-priced single-adult season ticket.

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