Burnley dancer jiving for Pendleside Hospice

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A local dance teacher is preparing a special celebratory routine for the Burnley Festival of Food featuring an array of styles in celebration of her ten years of teaching.

With the Festival of Food taking place from Saturday, July 16th to the 23rd on the following Saturday, Burnley-born dance teacher, Chriso Pongourou, will be performing on Saturday, July 22nd.

Chriso and her dance class.

Chriso and her dance class.

Incorporating "dances from difference countries all round the world" in Chriso's words, the routine will also be raising funds for Pendleside Hospice in what will be Chriso's celebration of a decade of teaching dance.

"We're raising money for Pendleside Hospice and to celebrate ten years of teaching," said Chriso. "It's a local charity and their work is great.

"We're doing nine to ten dances, including Greek, Persian, Spanish, Hawaiian, Bollywood, Salsa, Chinese," she added. "I love them all!"

With her set taking place from 12 noon to 2:30pm, Chriso also does belly-dancing classes and salsa side-classes, with anyone interested in contacting her able to do so on 07891 503 739.