Burnley blaze pair have lucky escape

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A YOUNG couple had a lucky escape when a chip pan caught fire.

Firefighters said the blaze could have engulfed the whole house if it were not for the quick-thinking actions of the pair, in their twenties.

They had managed to put out the flames with a damp tea towel before crews arrived at the scene in Hall Park Avenue, Cliviger, at 7-30 p.m. on Saturday.

Some fire and smoke damage was caused to the kitchen but crew manager Rick Courtney, from Burnley fire station, said the incident could have been much more serious.

“They had left a chip pan on for a few minutes and left it unattended. This was enough to cause the chip pan oil to overheat and ignite. Luckily they had smoke detectors fitted in the property which had been fitted by ourselves and they alerted the occupants.

“One of the occupants used the correct procedure for tackling such a fire. They put a damp towel over the chip pan, turned off the heat, evacuated the premises and then called us.”

And he warned against throwing water or salt on the flames.

“They had a really lucky escape. If they hadn’t had smoke detectors fitted it would have been a really serious fire.”