Burnley banners promote our town

One of the banners highlighting Burnley's achievements
One of the banners highlighting Burnley's achievements
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Burnley’s key gateways now have colourful themed banners welcoming people to the town sharing key messages about Burnley’s assets and achievements.

The project was developed and funded by the Burnley Bondholder Scheme, a network of private and public sector representatives, who contribute funds to promote Burnley to encourage people to live, work and invest in the town.

Mark Crabtree, OBE, chairman of the Burnley Bondholder Focus Group and managing director of successful global business AMS Neve, said: “Burnley is a special place we want to share, and with more than £800m. of investment transforming our town we want to ensure as many people are aware of what’s happening.

“We are proud of Burnley’s story and we want residents and visitors alike to feel that pride and this is a great way to share key facts about Burnley with them.

“Burnley has been ranked tenth in the UK this year for private sector growth and received the award for Most Enterprising Place in the UK last year. Fantastic achievements that we want to make people aware and proud of.

“The Bondholders are tasked with promoting Burnley’s success to attract investment and we felt dressing our key gateways was a great way to spread the word.

“They look superb and they are already doing exactly what we wanted. People are taking notice and I’m delighted with the results.”

If any local businesses would like to get involved with the Bondholder Scheme they can find out more by visiting www.burnley.co.uk.