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Decision on horticultural worker home has been deferred again

A DECISION on whether or not the owner of an expanding garden nursery in Robinson Lane, Reedley, can build a home for a horticultural worker was again deferred by Pendle Councils Brierfield and Reedley Committee.

This time it is for the applicant, Mr Peter Howarth, his town planning agent, Mr John Clancy, and the councils planning officer to have a meaningful deliberation before again presenting their case to the committee.

The decision was taken after Mr Clancy said that there were several aspects of the planning officers report which were misleading, as he contended they had been in 1994 relating to a previous permission which did not proceed.

Mr Clancy said: In 1994, the committee was, in its own words, misled by the officers report and, if I may say so, the same attempt to mislead is present in the report before you. He challenged the officers description of the location being adjacent to Reedley Cottage. Mr Clancy said: It is 100 metres away.

He went on to point out a number of discrepancies, including a reference to the building having a dwarf grass roof covering. He said it would be of sedum and the planning department had already been given details of the specialist construction.

Mr Clancy said all his client wanted to do was run the business efficently and expand it a home on the nursery site would provide the answer. There was a functional need for Mr Howarth to live at his work and the future of the business hinged on the decision taken by councillors.

Coun. Pauline McCormick said: I have visited this nursery garden and it has gone from strength to strength and that is just what we want to see in Brierfield and Reedley. I think the applicant has met all the criteria necessary for planning permission to be granted. Coun. Frank Clifford was concerned about Mr Clancys allegations that there were inaccuracies in the report.

He also pointed out that if councillors went against the officers recommendation to refuse, the matter would automatically be referred to the development control committee.

Christian resource centre set up at St Lukes

A CHRISTIAN resource centre has been set up at St Lukes Church, Brierfield, backed by a large number of churches in Pendle and Burnley.

It is being run by Mr John Turnham, a lay reader at St Annes Church, Fence.

The centre is open six days a week between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., save Mondays for the Bible Study session which will see it close at 2 p.m.

Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of religion is welcome to come along. The resource centre is housed at the rear of St Lukes church hall, St James Street.

Mr Turnham says it will also provide a listening ear for people just wanting the chance to speak to someone about matters that concern them. When the answer requires another facet as well as a spiritual aspect, Mr Turnham will direct the person in the appropriate direction for a hopeful solution. It will also supply a welcome cup of tea.

Mr Turnham said: Churches throughout Pendle, from the Anglican, Methodist and Evangelical arms of the Church have joined forces to bring this centre to St Lukes.

It will be a resource centre for all the religions, Christian or otherwise and even for those who have no religion.

We have already had Muslims coming in to discuss aspects of faith. We are looking forward to it being well received and well used by the people of Pendle.

Hands of cards

played at club

THE winners of the latest rubbers played by members of Brierfield Bridge Club were as follows.

Friday, N/S: 1, D. Briggs and E. Holden; 2, R. White and Keith Thompson. E/W: 1, D. Southworth and M. Nash; 2, R. Wilson and S. tempest.

Monday, N/S: 1, P. Pickles and M. Heyworth; 2, D. McCormick and S. Bentley. E/W: 1, F. Thompson and D. Caygill; 2, P. Mitchell and D. Gilbert.

Tuesday, N/S: 1, M. Taft and M. Nash; 2, C. Relf and M. Newman. E/W: 1, J. Sumner and M. Parker; 2, R. Thorpe and R. Riley.

Wednesday afternoon, N/S: 1, M. Nash and M. Tomlinson; 2, D. Briggs and M. Taft. E/W: 1, D. Pophams and D. Hajela; 2, J. Markey and R. Spencer.

Wednesday evening: 1, B. Irlam and C. Croasdale; 2, K. and C. Richardson.

Thursday, N/S: 1, P. Cox and A. Rosen; 2, R. Dent and B. Irlam. E/W: 1, D. McCormick and G. Mitton; 2, D. Caygill and M. Critchley.

Tuck into soup

at local centre

IF it is cold and you feel peckish on Monday, then head for the Brierfield Youth and Community Centre at lunch-time and order yourself a big bowl of steaming hot leek and potato soup.

The once-a-month come in and meet us and have a bite to eat sessions were instituted last month and went down a treat.

The soup will cost you 1.

Mrs Suzanne Ferrandino, who is in charge of the Colne Road centre, said: It is a chance for people to come in and have a chat with us and find out what is going on.


Dales pictures

DELECTABLE Dales was the title of a slide show presented to members of Brierfield and Reedley Probus Club by Mr and Mrs E. Hirst.

Members were treated to some outstanding photography accompanied by a flowing, informative commentary which included a historical and geological content.

The clubs next meeting is on March 4th.

Womens day

of prayer

A SERVICE for the Womens World Day of Prayer will be held at Brierfield Methodist Church on Thursday, starting at 12-30 p.m. and will follow on from the weekly coffee morning session.

This years prayers have been devised by the women of Panama.

Tighten up the

security plea

SOMETHING must be done to tighten up security at OHagan Court, Brierfield, says one of its residents.

Mrs Kath Barker opened her curtains one morning to find that eight planters crammed full with Spring flowers had vanished.

The two most expensive planters large blue ceramic ones, which were directly under her window were found soon afterwards on the grassland outside the doctors surgery in Arthur Street.

Mrs Barker said: They were smashed to smithereens. They were presents to me. They cost 30 each and then the price of the bulbs and the compost on top of that. The thieves were selective they only took the best. The colours were just beginning to show and I have been deprived of watching them bloom. Other residents were also looking forward to them flowering.

Another resident had a pair of pots containing well-established shrubs stolen from outside the front door of her bungalow.

Mrs Baker said the thieves had climbed over the fence and would have needed a vehicle.

She said: The other residents planters had bricks in the bottom. My blue ones would have been very heavy. Obviously they werent able to carry them, smashed them and left the new plants strewn around.

She says this is the latest in a number of incidents that suggest the residential complex is in need of tighter security.

It is the ease with which they can get into the grounds that is worrying people.

OHagan Court is owned by Pendle Council, and ward councillor Pauline Allen says she will discuss their concerns with the residents. The thefts were reported to the police.

No storage

CONTRACTORS building materials must not be stored on public car parks, members of Pendle Councils Brierfield and Reedley Committee have insisted.

Building materials have been on the Tunstill Square car park for the best part of 12 months for finishing off the Safer Route to Schools project for Walter Street Primary School.

After that is finished the materials will be shifted to the Cross Street car park, which is due to be resurfaced in June.

But councillors were annoyed that the car parks are being used for storage when they are intended for shoppers.

Coun. Frank Clifford said he felt Tunstill Square should be cleared up as soon as possible and contractors told they will not be allowed to use Cross Street.