Brierfield Facebook friends help Pendleside Hospice

A popular local Facebook group Brierfield Lancashire Now and Then organised a walk from Brierfield to Pendle Hill to raise money for Pendleside Hospice.
Pendle Hill walkersPendle Hill walkers
Pendle Hill walkers

The group consisted of William Heaton, Jackie Teggart, Ralph Nuttall, Andi Trickett, Janet Woodhead, Lewis Carter, Macauley Beckett, Ryan Burrows and Paul Bulman. Through sponsorship, they managed to raise an amazing £1,725 for the hospice.

Leah Mitchell, fundraiser for Pendleside Hospice, said; “Many thanks to the Facebook group for their support and for raising such a brilliant amount of money.

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“It is lovely to see such fantastic community spirit and goes to show that when a community of people pull together, they can make a huge difference.

“All the money raised will help the hospice to continue providing specialist palliative care to the people of Burnley and Pendle.”