BRIERCLIFFE: Police target youth nuisance problem

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PARISH COUNCIL – Briercliffe Parish Council held its monthly meeting. Present were chairman Coun. Anne Kelly, Couns Prince, Thomas, Meeks, Frost, Royle and Bailey, clerk Steven Walker, County Coun. Margaret Brindle, lengthsmen John and Michael Greenwood, police officers, an officer from Burnley Council’s StreetScene department and 12 residents.

PUBLIC QUESTIONS – Neighbours complained about a resident keeping farm animals in an extended garden. The clerk said this was in breach of the lease. The householder will be contacted about the problem. A question was raised about youth nuisance in the Standen Hall, Higher Saxifeild and Burnsall Close areas. The police said they would continue to patrol the area. There was a discussion about whether alleygating was appropriate and the borough council will look into this. It was suggested residents set up a Neighbourhood Committee.

POLICE REPORT – The police report said incidents and crimes had decreased although there was still a few problems with youths starting fires. An increase in cold calling was brought up and officers will give stickers to residents and supply notices for residents to put in their windows. The Clerk was asked to contact the police to ask them to revert back to monthly written reports.

PACT – The Police And Communities Together priorities for the next month will be youth nuisance in the Standen Hall area, motorbike use in the Lydgate and Talbot Drive area and parking problems particularly near the schools.

HANGING BASKETS – They are to be collected on Sunday, May 8th, at Briercliffe Community Centre in Jubilee Street between 10 a.m. and noon. The baskets cost £13. Allotment and garage tenants will be able to pay their rents on May 8th.