BRIERCLIFFE: Ideas wanted on how to celebrate Queen’s diamond jubilee

TAI CHI – A tai chi course is run, in conjunction with Briercliffe-based East Lancashire into Employment, at Briercliffe Community Centre, Jubilee Street, Harle Syke, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. every Thursday. Classes are £4 and beginners are welcome. details on 0787 6377321.

PARISH COUNCIL – Briercliffe Parish Council held its January meeting at the community centre. Present were Coun. Anne Kelly (chairman), Couns Thomas, Meeks, Bailey, Frost, Lishman, Royle, Kinnear and Prince. Also present were the clerk, County Coun. Margaret Brindle, PCSO Dave Johnson and the lengsthsmen. One member of the public was present.

BUS SERVICE – A request for support and information was made by a member of the public about the ceasing of the Transdev bus route to Nelson. This was important to parents of children attending schools and colleges in Nelson as the remaining service did not qualify for transport grants for young people. The parish council had not been informed and members asked the clerk to contact the bus company to clarify the situation. If the service has ceased, the clerk was asked to protest. He was asked to report to the chairman and the next meeting. Members of the council would be very interested to hear from families affected by the withdrawal of this service. contact Coun. Frost on 01282 435863.

POLICE REPORT – PCSO Johnson gave the monthly police report. In the 30 days to January 17th, there had been 48 reported incidents of which 10 were crimes, several of which had been quite serious. Two motorbikes had been stolen from a property in Roggerham and more than £3,000-worth of items have been stolen from a site in Balderstone Lane. Other crimes include a theft from the Briercliffe Allotments, vehicle crime in Douglas Way and Haggate and some criminal damage at East Barn at Holt Hill. There has also been a case of assault when an offender spat at a bus driver. For two of the crimes, including the assault, the police have taken action. PCSO Johnson also reported there had been a number of minor incidents – snowballing in Horning Crescent, an inconsiderate motorbike rider in the Sutton Avenue area and noisy youths gathering in the Grassington Drive area. Two youths have been reported for arson after setting fires in local woods and they have been given an £80 fixed penalty. There is still a considerable problem with young people and alcohol a lot of which has been confiscated and parents informed.

PACT – The Police And Communities Together policing priorities for this month are parking at or near the two schools and motorbike activities in the Sutton Avenue area.

LIBRARY – Briercliffe Library, in Jubilee Street, Harle Syke, is to be extensively refurbished by Lancashire County Council. It will be closed from January 26th to May 4th.

ALLOTMENTS – Rents of Briercliffe Parish Council-owned property – garages, allotments, smallholdings etc – are to rise by 15% next year. There will be no increase this year. Work is to start, in the next few days, on the parish council’s new secure garage colony at the bus turning circle. These garages will be rented directly to tenants at £10 A month. For details on this scheme contact the clerk. The scheme to let parish and borough council property BEHIND Douglas Road is now coming to a conclusion. Tenancy agreements are being drawn up and will be sent out soon.

ROYAL EVENTS – The parish council has been consulted about how the area might mark the forthcoming royal marriage and the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Members of the council would like ideas from the public before a final decision is made. Ideas can be sent to the clerk or any member.

NEWSLETTER – The parish council will publish another edition of the newsletter in March. Members were asked for their contributions which should go to Coun. Meeks. The newsletter is to be enlarged and will carry adverts.