BRIERCLIFFE: Handloom weaving history is revealed

COMMUNITY CENTRE – The Management Committee of the Community Centre Association met. Present were: Coun. Roger Frost (chairman), Couns Royle and Kelly, Sue Gan and Christine Stuttard. Apologies were received from Susan Meeks.

The committee was told the annual safety checks were currently being undertaken. Coun. Frost will prepare for a risk assessment and he and Coun. Royle will survey the building to make an assessment of future works. Training will also be provided for tenants in the management of the new heating system.

Mrs Stuttard reported that the finances of the centre are now on a more assured footing and bookings for children’s parties are up. A table top sale will be organised for the spring with profits going to the centre.

Coun. Kelly said the application for funding for an all-weather pitch was coming to fruition and members decided to go ahead with the application.

Arrangements to improve cleaning at the centre were discussed and the chairman was asked to ensure the changes were implemented.

The Management Committee is looking for new members to help run the centre. If you are interested, ring Coun. Frost on 01282 435863.

BRIERCLIFFE LIBRARY – Refurbishment work has started at Briercliffe Library. Part of the car park at the community centre has been blocked off for the duration of the work which will not be completed until May. Lancashire County Council is investing £157,000.

LOCAL HISTORY – An insight into our local textile heritage has been revealed at a cottage on Cop Row in Briercliffe Road. At the end property on the row above the Craven Heifer, building work has revealed what is now a rare feature of buildings formerly used for handloom weaving. This was a large industry in the Burnley area in the era pre-dating the Industrial Revolution in which weaving, and other preparatory industries, were carried out, not in mills but weavers’ cottages. At this cottage the render on the gable wall has been removed as part of renovation work and, at first floor level, the outline of a large door had been revealed. Doors like this were necessary to give access for cumbersome warp and cloth beams and the doors would have been accessed by a flight of stone steps outside. It is possible all the cottages in the row would have been served by this door and there would have been internal doors in each cottage to facilitate this.

ALLOTMENTS’ COMMITTEE – Briercliffe Parish Council’s Allotments’ Committee will meet at the community centre on Thursday at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.