Brave Brits happy to stay in a haunted house on the scariest night of the year

Are you among the two thirds of Brits who would happily stay somewhere haunted?

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 12:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 12:23 pm
Samlesbury Hall in Preston is renowned as one of the most haunted hotels in Britain. Resident spirits include the legendary White Lady, Dorothy Southworth, who died of a broken heart.

Today is Hallowe'en and research by online booking software eviivo reveals almost two thirds of people in Britain would be happy for things to go bump in the night while staying at a bed and breakfast.

The research also reveals that 43 % of Brits believe in the supernatural and over 50s prove to be the bravest in Britain with 72% stating they would stay in a haunted hotel.

Around 15% even claim to have witnessed supernatural activity for themselves.

It also showed that ghost-hunting holidaymakers are most likely to be male, with three in four men willing to stay in a haunted hotel but almost half of women refusing to even consider it.

Older Brits are braver than their younger counterparts, with just under three-quarters of those aged 55+ stating that they would love the opportunity to stay somewhere haunted. This was not the case for younger Brits with only just over half (51%) of 25-34-year olds fearless enough to chance sharing their room with a ghostly guest.

Yorkshire is the region revealed to be the biggest believers in the spiritual realm, with 50% confirming their belief in the supernatural, while 17% admitted to having witnessed a ghost or spirit.

Conversely, Scots are the most sceptical of the supernatural as almost two-thirds (65%) dismiss it as make-believe. Scots also admitted to the lowest number of ghostly experiences, with only one in 10 saying that they had been witness to paranormal activity.

Those in the North East and South West have had the most supernatural experiences with nearly a quarter saying they’ve seen a ghost, but level-headed Londoners believe they have hardly encountered any supernatural activity at all, with only one in 10 reporting seeing spooky apparitions.

Ed Goldswain, Marketing Director at eviivo: “With the spooky season upon us, it’s great to see that so many Brits are not afraid by the potential of a haunted staycation.

"If anything, these research results seem to show that Brits are more than happy to chance their luck in a haunted B&B.”

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