Bottle attack outside Brierfield pub: man jailed

A LOUT who attacked two men, one of them for the second time, has been locked up for 23 months.

Burnley Crown Court heard how both of Wayne Turnbull’s victims, set upon in separate assaults, were epileptics and each suffered a seizure soon after their ordeal. Turnbull had been on a suspended jail sentence for beating up Robert Jackson when he picked on him again. He had told the victim: “This is for grassing,” after punching him and knocking him down.

Days later, Turnbull had hit Paul Moy with a Jack Daniels bottle in a pub, knocking him to the floor, before a melee erupted.

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Turnbull (22), a father of two, left Mr Moy needing 13 stitches to his left cheek and permanently scarred after the trouble in the Feathers Inn, Brierfield.

The defendant, of Taylor Street, Brierfield, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and wounding.

Miss Sarah Statham (prosecuting) said Turnbull had assaulted Mr Jackson in March, 2010. Last January, Mr Jackson appeared to be in some kind of a relationship with the defendant’s sister. He was in a back alley behind her home when he was attacked by Turnbull and a gang.

The defendant was the first to strike, knocked him down and the victim was then kicked and punched by others. Mr Jackson ended up with cuts and bruises. Turnbull was arrested after presenting himself to the police on February 10th, but denied any involvement.

Miss Statham said, last January 13th, Mr Moy was playing pool. Turnbull’s girlfriend was playing and she lost a bet over him potting the black ball. She had to buy the victim a drink, was not happy and Turnbull was looking at him and seemed to want a fight. Mr Moy went outside to have a cigarette and was attacked without warning by the defendant, who hit him to the head and face with a whisky bottle. Turnbull then ran off as a fracas started.

Mr Moy, who had a gashed cheek, left the area and went to live in a different county after the incident.

Mr Philip Holden, for Turnbull, said he knew he had a poor record and conceded custody was merited. The offences occurred when he was estranged from his family, was living a nomadic existence and drinking heavily. He was now living at the family home and had been doing much better.

He was in a new relationship, his partner was pregnant and he had regular contact with his two other children.

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Mr Holden added: “While he hasn’t stopped drinking, he has cut down.He appears overall to be maturing and there is a glimmer of hope for the future.”

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Gibson told Turnbull that while fortunately the Jack Daniels bottle didn’t break, it caused a wound to Mr Moy’s cheek. He continued: “Whatever happened, you picked up a bottle in a completely unjustified manner and used it in the way that you did.”