BNP councillor in line to be Padiham Mayor

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A PADIHAM town councillor said common sense has prevailed in his bid to become the town’s Mayor.

Coun. John Cave, who is a member of the British National Party, had claimed party politics was behind objections to him being Deputy Mayor in Padiham for the next civic year.

However, the confusion and controversy over standing order rules were quashed as a majority of Padiham town councillors voted in favour of Coun. Cave at a meeting on Monday.

Speaking afterwards, Coun. Cave was delighted with the decision and said he was looking forward to performing the role for Padiham.

He said: “It is a vote of confidence. This is my home town and I was born here. It is all about Padiham and Padiham is not about politics. I will be raising money for charities – but they have to be in Padiham. For me Padiham is home and I think it could be a lot better. Keeping the Town hall alive is one of the biggest jobs we’ve got.”

Last week Coun. Cave told the Express that some council members said standing order rules prevented him from being nominated as deputy mayor.

He claimed this was because of his affiliation to the BNP

However, clarification from Burnley Borough Council’s democracy officers said the ultimate decision lay with Padiham.

Coun. Cave, who joined the council 12 months ago, said: “The system was arranged so everybody could have a chance. One or two were opposed to the idea and interpreted the rules in a different way. If you looked around and everybody had said ‘no’ then I would have said obviously they didn’t want me on the council – but there were only a couple of people against it. The majority are happy with the decision.”

The future Mayor, who is married to County Coun. Sharon Wilkinson, said he was looking forward to the role and was confident his BNP background would not create tensions.

“Look at Sharon. She does a great job and no-one has any problem with her. There has never been issues with her. She does a great job and everyone knows.”

He will succeed Coun. Bob Clark.

Padiham town clerk Elizabeth Bolton said that after the confusion was cleared up it was a simple decision. “There was no real argument or debate about it once the rules were clarified. I am pleased it has been sorted and we can now move forward. I’m sure over the next 12 months Coun. Cave will have the opportunity to gain some great experience as Deputy Mayor ready for being Mayor the year after.”