Blaze rips through pub car park

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A BLAZE destroyed two cars parked in the back yard of a Burnley pub early last night.

Explosions rang out from the rear of the Bay Horse, in Worsthorne, as flames ripped though the Hyundai Coupe and Vauxhall Vectra at 5-30 p.m.

Firefighters took almost an hour to bring the fierce flames under control and had to douse the walls of the pub to prevent the fire spreading.

Both cars were completed gutted by the fire.

Crew manager Anthony Harrison, of Burnley Fire Station, said the fire had started after a man left a waste fire unattended which spread to the vehicles.

He said: “It started off in a garage behind the pub and the man had been burning off some old work tops. But it was too close to the cars and he had left the fire unattended so it all went up.

“Both cars were well alight when we arrived. There was quite a lot of fuel in them and the fuel tanks had ruptured.”

He said there was a couple of explosions with the tyres and LPG tank going up, but said the public were not in any danger.

However, he warned: “Do not burn things off in an enclosed space because fires like this can spread fast.”