Bird’s eye view from historic church

Visitors to Burnley’s historic parish church of St Peter’s were given a rare glimpse of a bird’s eye view from the belfry.

Part of Burnley’s Heritage Open Weekend, the church opened its doors, and tower, to visitors who also enjoyed guided tours from local historian Roger Frost.

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Latest News

Mr Frost said: “The first reference to St Peter’s is in 112 but we know it had been around for some years even then.

“It is mentioned in the Honor of Clitheroe records. At that time a small community was developing in the area around the church where there was a corn mill.

“Burnley was granted a royal charter for a market in 1294 and soon grew into a thriving village with pubs, a market cross and gaol.”

Mr Frost also showed visitors the place where a ducking stool would have stood, used to humiliate wrong-doers, and also gave a guided tour of the churchyard and some of its notable graves.