Bid for 100,000 names on ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film petition

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A BATTLE is on in Pendle to get 100,000 people to sign a petition to persuade the House of Commons to discuss anger over a notorious film made in America.

The film “Innocence of Muslims” angered Muslims because they believe it insults their Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson was one of a number of MPs who tried to get the debate brought up in Parliament, but it hasn’t yet happened.

And now Burnley and Pendle British Pakistani Friends League want to get thousands of people to sign the petition.

Mr Saghir Ahmed, from the Friends League, said: “We are hoping there will be a debate in Parliament if enough people sign up for it on web.

“There should be a 100,000 people signing a petition.

“At least 1,300 have already signed up so far but we hope it will be 100,000, which is needed by the end of September.”

He made it clear that all 12 mosques in the area were backing the idea and he said: “Thanks to all the Imams.”

The film was made in September last year and later that month there was a meeting at The People’s Centre in Brierfield because of concerns about it.

MP Mr Stephenson attended and talked to them.

In October, he met them again at the Silverman Hall in Nelson and was presented with a petition about the film.

Mr Stephenson found the “despicable film” highly offensive and insulting to people of all faiths, not just Muslims.

On October 16th, he took the petition to Parliament and he also wrote to the Home Office in his role as chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pakistan, to make them aware of concerns across the UK, not just in Pendle.

Only two other MPs joined Mr Stephenson in presenting petitions to the House of Commons but he is determined to continue to work with them to try and achieve the 100,000 required for a parliamentary debate.

In order to be able to consider the petition, visit