Barking dogs costs Reedley man £495 fine

Reedley Magistrates Court.
Reedley Magistrates Court.

A Reedley resident, whose dogs were left barking in his garden for long periods of time, has been fined a total of £495 following an appearance at Pennine Magistrates’ Court.

Adrian Cotton, of Hillside Avenue, admitted two separate counts of noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1980.

The offences took place in November.

They were witnessed by John Heys, a Pendle Council domestic noise officer, who said: “The dogs were routinely left in the garden and wash house while Mr Cotton and his partner were at work.

“The barking from the dogs was very loud and repetitive and intrusive on people’s lives and quality of life.”

Coun. John David, who looks after environmental health in Pendle, added: “Having to listen to a barking dog for long periods of time is not pleasant for anyone and this case proves we will do everything we can to help people in this situation.

“And although our top priority is to protect residents from noise nuisance, a barking dog is often an unhappy dog, so it’s also in the best interests of the animal to treat these complaints seriously.

“Please let this be a warning that if your dog causes a noise nuisance, you may find yourself in court.

“Indeed, we’re currently in the process of prosecuting another Pendle resident for their barking dog.”

Richard Walsh, Pendle Council’s Public Health Manager, advised: “All dogs bark. It’s unreasonable to expect they won’t.

“But it’s quite a big issue in Pendle.

“In 2013, we received 179 complaints about barking dogs.

“And often, people don’t realise it’s a problem as they’re not at home to witness it.

“If you have a dog and leave it unattended for long periods of times, it’s worth checking with your neighbour to make sure it’s not barking excessively.

“If you do find it to be a problem, there’s lots of advice available on the internet.

“Alternatively, you can speak to your vet for guidance.”