Banned driver caught behind the wheel in Burnley street had no idea he had been ordered off the road court told

A banned driver caught in Burnley had no idea he had been ordered off the road, a court was told.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 11:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 12:34 pm
The defendant admitted driving whilst disqualified and having no insurance when he appeared before Burnley magistrates. He was fined 120 and was told to pay a 30 victim surcharge.

The town's magistrates heard how Nathan Scott (44) had been disqualified under the totting up procedure by a court in his absence. He was dyslexic and struggled with paperwork and documents had not been forwarded to him by a 'friend'- who had let him down.

Scott has also been disqualified for a second time, again in his absence on Thursday, May 9th, and is not allowed to get behind the wheel for another year.

The Bench spared the currently jobless construction worker a third ban and gave him six points on his licence.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said police saw Scott on Harold Street at about 8pm and followed him onto Girvan Grove as his vehicle was showing no insurance.

She told the hearing: "Further checks showed he had been disqualified and it runs out on November 28th.

"The offence was just a couple of months into that disqualification."

Mrs Mann added:"He told police he didn't know he had been disqualified. Obviously, that's not an offence."

Mr Mark Williams, defending, said Scott, who was dyslexic and not very good with paperwork, was disqualified last November and had no idea when the police stopped him.

He had previously lived in Thornton-in-Cleveleys with a friend and worked in construction all over the country.

He had not changed his address, he had probably triggered speed cameras. The documents had been sent to his friend's address and they had not been forwarded to him. The friend had let him down.

The solicitor continued:" He has been disqualified again, in his absence, on May 9th for another 12-month period."

Mr Williams added:"He can't work at the moment."

Scott, of Royds Street, Accrington, admitted driving whilst disqualified and having no insurance on March 18th. He was fined £120 and was told to pay a £30 victim surcharge.