Baby is born in 30 minutes!

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BABY Cooper Tattersall isn’t one for hanging around – in fact he is so quick he was born at home after just a half-hour labour.

Delighted mum Tina Treanor was caught on the hop when she started with very slight stomach pains at home in Mary Towneley Fold. Burnley. Just two hours and two Paracetamol tablets later she was the proud mum of 7lb. 6oz. Cooper.

The 36-year-old and her partner, David Tattersall, had just gone to bed when Tina, a ward clerk at Burnley General Hospital, felt the twinges.

She said: “I wasn’t in much pain at all but I rang the hospital and asked if it was OK to take some Paracetamol. I had no idea then I’d go into labour so quickly.

“I went to the bathroom and my waters broke. I then went downstairs and David rang the hospital. While he was on the phone I could feel Cooper was on his way.

“There was no time to get to hospital and shortly after the paramedics arrived so had Cooper!”

David joked that Tina obviously wasn’t keen to go back to her place of work so soon. He also admitted he was in a bit of a panic. The mechanic (38) said: “I had the phone in one hand, Tina squeezing my other hand and Cory, our eldest boy, squeezing my leg.

“I had a panic on as the hospital people were telling me to get some towels but I could already see his head. Tina and the paramedics did brilliantly and we are very grateful everything was fine in the end. Cooper is doing really well.”

The couple’s first child Cory (4) took quite a bit longer to make his appearance – around 36 hours to be exact.

Tina added: “I was in hospital for two days having Cory so this was a real shock when everything happened so quickly. I have always said I wouldn’t want a home birth, but I didn’t really have much choice with Cooper.

“I remember thinking I could do with some gas and air, but you always want what’s not there. Looking back I probably didn’t even need the Paracetamol.

“Cooper is very content. He is sleeping and eating well. He is a wonderful brother for Cory and we are all proud.”