Author excited for career's next chapter

Roy Bright (s)
Roy Bright (s)
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Burnley author Roy Bright is about to begin the next chapter of a literary career that shows no sign of slowing down.

Roy’s second novel “Judas: The Relic” is officially released this week – a continuation of his 2013 highly acclaimed release “Judas”.

The books follow the exploits of Judas Iscariot, punished to live forever on Earth while completing a series of tasks given to him by God.

Roy first put pen to paper in late 2012 while enjoying a break from touring. At the time he was lead singer of rock outfit Exit State.

His passion for writing has now taken him on an adventure which could even end up on the Hollywood big screen.

“Most comments I see are people on how they would love to see the book as a movie, feeling that it would make a fantastic action/adventure horror film.

“This is something that is being worked on as my screenwriting partner and I have produced the scripts for the books and we are actively working on having them picked up.”

In the first book, Judas was tasked with protecting a six-year-old girl, Charlotte Hope, as she approached her seventh birthday; her destiny, to save humankind from the forces of Lucifer.

The second book continues the story as Charlotte and Judas’ relationship grows and they face even greater perils, pursued further by Lucifer while Charlotte transitions from child to woman and begins to learn more about her powers.

The first book sold very well and Roy his hoping for more of the same with the second.

“It really is an awesome feeling to log onto the Amazon account every few weeks and see a plethora of new reviews appear, the vast majority of which being 5 star,” he said. “I still can’t believe it and hope the second book is just as well received.”

"Judas: The Relic" is available now via Amazon’s sites.