Ashley’s half the man he was

Ashley Kelly (22) with one of his old hoddies who has lost 11 stone on the Lighter Life diet.
Ashley Kelly (22) with one of his old hoddies who has lost 11 stone on the Lighter Life diet.
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A SUPER-SLIMMER from Burnley is half the man he was after losing an astonishing 11 stone in weight.

Ashley Kelly (22) tipped the scales at more than 25 stone before he started on the Lighter Life diet in February. Dedicated dieter Ashley stuck to eating a stomach-rumbling 500 calories a day to shed the pounds.

ashley kelly

ashley kelly

Over the past seven months he has lost a leviathan 70kg – almost half his bodyweight - which is the equivalent weight of the average British woman.

Now slimline Ashley, who lives in Brunshaw Road, has dropped from a 4XL size down to a large and proudly weighs around 14 stone.

He said that trimming down has given him a new lease of life and hopes his story will inspire others. “I started it because it had done so well for my dad – he did the diet from November to February and lost five stone. I thought ‘I need to lose weight quite drastically’ so I gave it a go.

“I never did exercise or went to the gym. I just didn’t care. I just ate what I wanted when I wanted.”

Ashley was living off four “food packets” a day on his diet. “No chewing gum, mints or anything. To stick to that was pretty hard,” he said.

“I would go to friends’ houses and while they were eating takeaways or roast dinners I was eating my food packets. It bothered me at first but once I saw a change in myself I was determined to carry on.”

He saw the weight falling off – up to 12lbs a week. Then the pounds turned into stones.

“I couldn’t believe I had come this far. I was astounded. It was like five stone, six stone, seven stone. Now I’ve managed to lose 11 stone in just seven months.”

Counselling on the Lighter Life diet has also seen his attitude change on food and exercise. He has joined the gym and is playing football.

“This is not a quick fix – it’s for life. It has changed my lifestyle completely. My family are all proud of me. It is tough, but it is worth it.”