Appeal to save iconic Burnley club

Byerden House Social Club
Byerden House Social Club
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Another Burnley club is threatened with closure after an expensive out-of-court settlement.

Byerden House Social Club will close its doors at the end of September if nearly £30,000 cannot be raised to cover legal costs and bills.

The club in Colne Road owes £26,000 in immediate debts and also paid £16,000 to heating companies last month following a two-year legal battle over unpaid bills.

Mark Procter, volunteered his bookkeeping services in February and is also the club’s voluntary acting secretary. He believes that despite his best efforts the club looks doomed.

“We had a meeting saying we were going to close and people then and there offered quite a few thousand pounds which was encouraging, but I still need 30,000 pounds,” he said.

“I thought I was getting it right, but it is so far gone it is impossible.

“But with some kind of bail-out I believe it could be profitable.”

Mark believes the recession leaving people with less disposable income has “damaged” the trade of clubs like Byerden House.

“People do not go out. They stay home and drink supermarket beer instead,” he said.

“It has been struggling for a long time - lots of clubs are. People just do not come out.”

Earlier this year, Burnley nightclubs Walkabout, Barcode and Lava and Ignite all closed their doors.

Mick Cookson, owner of Rum Jungle (formerly Posh) blamed 24-hour licensing for the town’s dying nightlife.

With yet another Burnley club facing closure, Mark has appealed for donations to keep Byerden House open.

“I am trying to maintain a nice, safe social place for people to go and enjoy themselves,” he said.

“It is one of the last ones in the parish of St Andrews.”

If you would like to make a donation to Byerden House Social Club you can do so in the club, or by contacting Mark at: