Angling club help in big River Calder clean-up at Padiham

Mitre Angling Club members at a River Calder clean-up
Mitre Angling Club members at a River Calder clean-up

Community-spirited members of the Mitre Angling Club have swung into action to clean up a rubbish-strewn river bank.

Supported by members of the public and The River Ribbles’ Trust, the anglers carried out two of the three annual planned rubbish collections on the River Calder.

The first took place close to the footbrige above Grove Lane, Padiham.

A skip provided by the Ribble Rivers’ Trust was filled with rubbish from the river banks.

Club member Tony Haworth said: “The rubbish recovered consisted of the usual flotsam of plastic bags, trolleys, cycles, balls and clothing.

“It must be said that there was less general rubbish than that recovered in previous years. This was put down in part to the past efforts made by The Ribble Rivers’ Trust and their generated input from Burnley College.

“However, there is still lots of debris on the banks. During the course of the Grove Lane pick-up very many plastic bottles were collected. There were so many of these that at a subseqent discussion by the organisers it was decided to find out where the bottles came from because there seemed to be a lot more than normal.

“Liasion will be formed with the Environment Agency with this in mind. The pick-up was the usual success in spite of the very cold weather. The organisers would like to thank all those who turned out on the day.”

The second litter pick was carried out at Shuttleworth Mead, again on the River Calder.