All aboard for Pirates of the Curry Bean

Scurvy seadogs offered plenty of piratical style when talented schoolchildren performed their end of term show.

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 12:26 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st August 2017, 3:34 pm
St James Lanehead Year 6 pirate pupils
St James Lanehead Year 6 pirate pupils

The Year 6 children from St James' Lanehead set sail for the distant lands of Sir John Thursby College where they wowed their parents with brilliant singing, dancing and acting in “Pirates of the Curry Bean.”Prodigious pupils Jasmine Hartley, Tom Wright, Joseph Bottomley and Gracie Stackhouse shone in the lead roles, assisted by able seamen Emma Hudson and Samantha Hicks, as well as Squawk the Parrot Finlay Winnard offering plenty of hearty laughs.Indeed, it was all hands on deck for the class with all shipmates bringing a smile to the audience and earning a standing ovation at the end.There were smiles all round when the audience were taken on a journey around the oceans, complete with some catchy tunes and swashbuckling action.Soloists Jasmine Hartley, Tom Wright, Jamie Howarth, Emily Rigby, Joseph Bottomley, Levi Naghten and Chloe Reid hit the heights with their superb singing.Finally, a mention in dispatches should be made to staff members Andrea Riley, Jen Peverley, Alison Moses and Elissa Stanton for their musical accompaniment and direction.