Abandoned ponies rescued by HAPPA

One of the ponies rescued by HAPPA (s)
One of the ponies rescued by HAPPA (s)
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Two abandoned ponies that were left for weeks in a field without food or water have been rescued by Burnley’s Horse and Ponies Protection Association.

Now the charity is hoping that kind hearted animal lovers across the borough will help to take care of the colts.

One of the ponies rescued by HAPPA (s)

One of the ponies rescued by HAPPA (s)

A concerned member of the public contacted HAPPA after spotting the ponies had been neglected and left for weeks without care or food.

Both underweight and crawling with lice, a vet issued a certificate of removal after HAPPA officers had inspected the animals and they are now being cared for at the Shores Hey Farm base.

The ponies, whom no-one has claimed ownership of, will now spend at least three years at the charity before they are old enough to rehabilitate fully, break, school and re-home. During their time with the charity, rehabilitation, including vet and farrier fees, feed, bedding, general care and schooling will cost an estimated £500 per week.

HAPPA hope that friends, supporters and horse and pony lovers will want to sponsor their care by donating just £3 – a sum that equates to an hour’s worth of care for these animals that had been abandoned by their owners. Experts reckon the ponies are both aged around one. One is black and the other coloured.

Neither has a name yet but plans are in the pipe-line to christen them after World War One heroes, marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the war.

Equine and Data Services Manager Amanda Berry said: “These ponies are sadly typical of the problem that HAPPA has to address Fly grazing, which is where equines are grazed on land without permission of the owner, is a problem which is increasing all over the UK.

“Often these animals are abandoned without an owner coming forward, and sadly these animals are usually young un-castrated males such as these, which have little or no value in the equine trade.

“They will have to stay with the charity for at least three years whilst they mature into adults with the potential to be rehomed with a loving young rider after completing a HAPPA rehabilitation programme.

“The cost of the time they will spend with us, their specialist treatment including castration, nutritional support and other veterinary fees is a significant financial commitment for our small charity.’’

Any supporters who would like to contribute to their care are asked to visit the HAPPA website (www.happa.org.uk) or HAPPA’s Facebook page (www.facebook.co.uk/horsesponiesprotectionassociation) and give through PayPal – the quickest and newest way to give to charity within a safe and secured internet site.

Alternatively you can pledge your support to the colts by calling the office on 01282 455992.