£2m. spa extension plan at Burnley sport and leisure centre

OWNER: Andrew Brown (S)
OWNER: Andrew Brown (S)
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PLANS have been unveiled for a £2m. spa extension to a Burnley sports and leisure centre.

The new spa at Crow Wood Leisure, currently under the name Project 2013, will cover around 20,000sq ft. over two floors including a lounge and bar, numerous relaxation areas and an outdoor terrace with beach hut and hot tub.

Budgeted at just over £2m. the facility could be open in early 2013 and create a minimum of 15 new jobs.

The man behind the ambitious project, owner Mr Andrew Brown, said: “Over time the facility will embrace further areas of ‘wellness’ and offer a much broader range of services, all of which are designed to promote healthy wellbeing of mind and body.

“The current plans for Project 2013 will undoubtedly change but are nonetheless indicative of the facilities which will be offered.

“The plans call for a relatively small extension and utilisation of two existing indoor tennis courts.

“At this stage they represent a wish list and we are nowhere near contracts nor have we arranged the financing to allow the project to go ahead.

“We hope to finish the feasibility study in the spring and decide from there where we go.”