Travel review: Fun travel

If your children are as crazy as mine then your satellite navigation gadget will be set on the strangest voice booming out travel instructions.

Stena Line car-cation survey reveals some surprising results!
Stena Line car-cation survey reveals some surprising results!

We are currently tuned into Australia, with a “G’ Day mate, turn into Cog Lane and enjoy those sunny days’’ a particular favourite.

With airlines getting a bad press at the moment too, many people are choosing to travel by car and if you want to go a fair way, then you will probably need to take a ferry to get there.

A survey revealed that 81 per cent of people take their cars with them and in a bid to find out their favourite GPS voices, ferry line Stena also commissioned a poll.

And loud-mouthed Dublin matriarch, Mrs Brown was in the top three along with Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman and clever funny-man, Stephen Fry. The poll also found that 75 per cent of people would use their sat nav’s instead of traditional maps. And all this car travel is good news for Stena, who offer low fares and no baggage excess.

Orla Noonan, Stena Line’s Head of Travel, Irish Sea said: “We are currently experiencing a very busy summer period and continue to see an increase in the number of people enjoying a car-cation. This comes as no surprise to us and we are delighted to see our customers enjoying the merits that come with taking the car on holiday. Our survey revealed the three main reasons holidaymakers choose a car-cation is due to the greater freedom and flexibility it provides, the ability to travel to places few others visit and for the opportunity to experience unexpected events, so this is why Ireland is the perfect destination. “

And unlike stressful airport check-ins, passengers can enjoy shorter check-in times, plenty of leg-room, great food and lots to do onboard including making use of the free Wi-Fi, watching a free movie, enjoying fun and games in the children’s play areas .’’ Orla concluded.

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