Travel review: Birthday luggage lock

Packing for your holidays can be stressful as it is. Add to that forgetting your luggage lock combination and things can start to go wrong before you even set off.

Birthday luggage lock
Birthday luggage lock

But don’t despair because the experts from Go Travel have launched a new birthday lock and the end to those senior moments! The lock features a patent-pending mechanism which swaps hard-to-remember numbers for a favourite memorable date.

With a five-dial mechanism, the lock can be quickly and easily set to any date. And add to that an error-free spring action setting mechanism which eliminates the danger that users will accidentally change or reset the combination, and you can set off stress free!

The lock is also handy for the tough rigours of American security with Travel Sentry® approval via a distinctive red diamond logo which allows American security officials to access and re-lock your case without breaking it.

Coming in a range of bright colours, the lock is just the ticket all round!

Birthday luggage lock, £7.99,