Review: Tahiti™ kayak

Tahiti kayak
Tahiti kayak
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East Lancashire is lucky to have such a good canal system. The Leeds to Liverpool provides the location for all types of outdoor pursuits.

Cycling along the tow paths is a favourite with the Hay family, but now we have discovered the joys of kayaking and are hooked!

After trying out a kayak with friends in the Lake District, Ruaridh (7) and Flora (5) soon got the hang of all that is involved, so the next stop was to get a suitable kayak for ourselves.

The Sevylor® Tahiti™ two man kayak does just the job. The beauty of it is that it’s an inflatable which converts itself neatly into a backpack, so dad can carry it easily and there is no hassle of having to trying and fit it on the roof rack or squash it into a bag.

Once unrolled its easy to inflate with a good sized pump and away you go! Safety is top priority and the kayak is made of high-quality PVC for increased durability and has inflatable seats and side chambers to keep you safe.

The strong beam floor also means you are nice and steady if you lose a bit of control and its amazing how soon you become confident with the equipment.

The adults took it in turns with Ruaridh and Flora in the kayak and before we knew it, we were floating gently down the canal and enjoying the quiet and admiring all the changes which are being made along the route to encourage people to visit.

After an hour’s fun, it was agreed that kayaking is the new cycling, especially when you can lay off the paddle for a few minutes and simply glide like a swan down the water!

Tahiti™ kayak produced by Sevylor®. For up to date offers and a peek at the full range of water equipment on offer, log onto