Gear review: luminAid™ solar powered lightweight inflatable lighting

Campers wanting to take advantage of the October mild weather have a bright option to help them. The luminAid™ is a simple and neat solution to the dark nights which are fast approaching.

Basically it is a flat pack lantern which will provide enough light to make sure you can still see what you are doing after 5 p.m.

These high performance, solar powered lanterns are also light-weight and waterproof and inflate easily too. They are safe to use and portable with the PackLite 16 providing up to 16 hours of light and 12 hours radiated from the PackLite 12. Both weigh in at only 3.5 oz and have three brightnesses and an emergency flash setting. They also recharge when the weather is overcast. So there is no excuse not to go camping in the autumn!

luminAid™ solar powered lightweight inflatable lighting. The lamps retail at £24.99 for the PackLite 16 and £21.99 for the PackLite 12. For more information, log onto