Burnley holidaymakers - here are 10 top tips to keep your luggage safe when flying this summer

Burnley holidaymakers are being warned of the dangers of losing their luggage this summer. 

No one wants to worry about luggage being lost or stolen whilst enjoying their travels away, which is why it is important to ensure all luggage and valuables are kept safe and secure whilst travelling. 

With thousands of bags going missing each year, researchers at leaseelectriccar.co.uk have compiled their best tips for ensuring luggage is kept safe whilst travelling. 

Here are 10 top tips to keep your luggage safe …

Keep your luggage safe with these 10 top tips

Choose unique luggage 

Many people use a simple black suitcase or bag when travelling. Instead, pick out brightly coloured luggage to make it stand out and easy to find. Alternatively, customise luggage by using stickers or a suitcase belt. Making luggage distinctive is important for keeping an eye on it, but keep in mind that some luggage itself can be pricey, and thieves may be on the lookout for expensive luggage over its contents. 

Lock it up 

It is easy to purchase a lock for luggage online, in shops, or even at the airport. Locking up the baggage will heavily deter any opportunist thieves and will ensure that luggage remains safe and secure. Using a lock is a cheap and easy way to protect luggage when travelling. 

Use a tracker 

Using a tracker is becoming a popular option for travellers. Purchase an electronic tracker prior to going away and hide it in your luggage. Simply download the tracker’s app and it will show the location of the luggage throughout the trip, wherever it is. Tracking luggage will give a secure peace of mind to enjoy trips away.  

Luggage insurance 

The majority of travellers buy travel insurance, but few purchase additional luggage insurance. This is especially recommended for those travelling with expensive items, such as laptops and luxury goods. By getting luggage insurance, if the baggage goes missing, the insurance should cover the costs of any expensive goods. 

Only pack what is necessary 

Avoid travelling with any items which are unnecessary, not only to free up room in a suitcase, but to also avoid any heartache if items get lost.  Avoid packing sentimental items which cannot be replaced if they are stolen, and instead leave them safe at home. 

Soft v hard luggage 

Weigh up the pros and cons of travelling with soft luggage, or bags with a hard casing on them. Although the hard shell may protect delicate items more, soft luggage is overall more durable: it cannot crack in the cold weather, and is much more flexible than hard luggage. It is important to choose the correct luggage for you, to ensure things are kept safe whilst travelling. 

Use labels

Put an identifiable label on every piece of luggage, especially bags and suitcases which will be travelling out of sight in the aeroplane hold. Include your name, address (home and destination), and phone number. If the luggage does end up getting lost, its owner can be easily contacted. 

Keep valuables close 

It is strongly recommended to keep all valuables close by, such as medication, wallets, passports, licences, keys and phones. Keeping these personal items in a handbag or rucksack which can easily be carried around on your person, helps valuable luggage stay safe and prevents them from being stolen. 

Avoid leaving baggage unattended 

Prior to travelling on a plane or train, it is essential to keep an eye on all luggage to keep it safe. Do not leave anything unattended when taking a trip to the toilet, café, or to get food. Additionally, ensure that all luggage is secured in hotel rooms or holiday villas by making use of the safe or hiding anything of value. 

Taking a photo of the luggage 

As a precaution in case any luggage does get lost, take a picture of the baggage prior to travelling. This means that staff can help identify the bags in the search process. Although taking a picture will not directly help to secure the luggage, it will certainly help in case anything does get lost.