Game Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition PS4 Review

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I could easily wrap this review up by saying Injustice: Gods Among Us is just Mortal Kombat with a new roster and no decapitations…..but I’d be oh so wrong!

Brought to us by Netherrealm Studios and Warner Brothers Interactive, Injustice: Gods Among Us brings together the best and better known DC comic book super heroes in a one on one fighting game each complete with their own particular set of moves and super moves. In the first sentence, I was half correct, Injustice does play similarly to the revamped Mortal Kombat that was released last year as it uses the same game engine, however things have been tweaked and changed in order to make Injustice a unique experience.

The gameplay has had some tweaks; each hero has their own special moves and combos as well as a unique super attack. In addition to the arsenal of moves for each hero, every stage can be interacted with in a variety of ways, for example, in the Batcave stage; players can push a button placed in the stage that shoots the parked up Batmobile’s missiles at their opponent or throw strategically placed background items at them. This feature is what makes this game unique as well as the fantastic stage transitions which are seriously satisfying to execute and the previously mentioned super moves. These potential finishers are the most devastating move in each heroes move list and they are the most cinematic and fun to watch, even if you’re on the receiving end.

Injustice: Gods Among Us looks only slightly better on Sonys super powerful PS4 which disappointed me somewhat due to Injustice not taking advantage by putting some crisp new graphics in there. This isn’t to say it looks bad, in fact it looks fantastic but it feels like the whole game has undergone a texture upgrade, nothing more. I also noticed that the physics on characters with flowing garments such as Batman and Superman’s capes, they tended to act on their own accord on my experience with the PS4 version which ruined the realism but only slightly. The Ultimate edition comes with all DLC characters such as Martian Manhunter, Batwoman and even Scorpion and it also comes with all costumes.


Netherrealm have created one of the best fighters since their outstanding Mortal Kombat makeover last year and has made our beloved DC super heroes extremely fun to play. Not a lot to fault here as Injustice is polished to sheen but far from the next gen sheen we expected. Players will want to come back again and again not only for the fabulous visuals but for the high end gameplay and wide variety of offline and online modes on offer.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

Developers: Netherrealm Studios

Publishers: Warner Brothers Interactive

Xbox 360

Playstation 3



Genre: Fighting

Release Date: 19th April 2013

Story – 5/5

Graphics – 5/5

Gameplay – 5/5

Overall – 5/5